Top 3 Advantages of Header Bidding for publishers and advertisers

Since its arrival, header bidding hasn’t convinced all publishers and advertisers. Advertisers, because of increasing costs, and publishers, because of its latency. We explain here the top 3 advantages of Header Bidding for Publishers and Advertisers.

  • With header bidding everybody has a fair chance to bid

Every impression is auctioned off to all demand partners, so that advertisers can have a “first look” at every single impression. It’s fair play, which is fundamental for a healthy advertising industry.

  • Higher CPM for Publishers

Impressions that are most interesting for advertisers will get higher bids. Publishers get the best price when they sell their ad inventory, resulting in higher revenue and yield. No need to explain the advantage here.

  • Transparent inventory for Advertisers

Ad buyers have access to the entire inventory, which used to be reserved for direct deals only. Advertisers can forecast their campaigns more accurately.

What all this means for you

If you’re an advertiser, you can have a first look at every single impression so it gives you a fair chance to access the premium inventory to deliver your campaign in the best way. 

If you’re a publisher, this may be a good time to switch to header bidding if you haven’t already. Potentially header bidding can impact latency but there are solutions like prebid server and lazy loading (we will soon write a post about this).

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